Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lately my body feels not right. Whatever i do, i don't feel the content that i am used to feel. For every step i take, i feel i am sinned, i feel something not at a place that it suppose to be. My thought, my action, my thinking, my feeling doesn't seem to connect anymore. Somehow i feel i kinda falling to pieces a little by little. I am afraid. Very afraid. Where is the mistake? That's i really eager to know. I NEED to know so that i can change it.

Somehow deep down inside my heart, i knew it. But somehow the "mistake" that i used to make was already resided and have a strong root inside my heart. Even though how much i tried to cut it, somehow i failed at all attempt i tried. It pissed me off. Why am i keep repeating the same mistake even though i know it is a mistake? This is no longer a matter of to avoid it, but it is a matter of to get rid of it. If i am not able to get rid of it, i don't know what will happen to me in the near future. huh~

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resam padi said...

Salam Aishah...thank you for vising my blog. It's really a rather unattended old place for ramblings. just somewhere i can vent out. FB seems to be catering for one's ego amusement quiet well in fact. Best of doa

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